The first Equine Island ABC Horse Show will be held on Saturday 9th April at 10am SLT.

L 10,000 Guaranteed Prizes!!!

Prize Money Now Stands at 12,000 $L


This show will consist of show jumps in the arena and a full sim cross country jumping event.

Please contact Neternal or A1arica if you require more information. Our new page will be updated shortly with more information related to the show.

The cross country (44 fences)  and arena show jumps are all in place and ready for practice!

Here is a video that I put together which shows the order and route of the cross country fences, please forgive the jerkiness and over-compensations as this was a first attempt on a laptop that I have never rode on before which is actually the only one with video capture software installed. You can see it HERE. Just for fun and sorry about the video quality on this one, see it done on a MULE! HERE.

Please note that we have been working diligently to redesign our sim and put the infrastructure in place to host these events, your patience is always appreciated.

New and existing competitors are always welcomed to our current and forthcoming events.

Next event will be Saturday 23rd April at 10am SLT.






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