Congratulations to Honey Heart (H0neyHeart) the winner of the March 11th, 2017 St. Patrick’s Themed ABC Horse and Pony Cross Country Show.

So ends another show and you can view the >>> FULL RESULTS HERE <<<  Our Judge for the day was A1arica.


1st Place: Honey Heart (H0neyHeart) Riding a Gotland Pony named ~LP~ Long Time Coming

2nd Place: Honey Heart (H0neyHeart) Riding a Highland Pony named ~LP~ Scotland Yard

3rd Place: ĂŔCTÚЯŪƧ (arcturuspolaris) Riding a Dutch Warmblood named Jingle Jangle~ZA

4th Place:  Arial Albatros Riding a Holsteiner named ~AA~ Diamond Dreams

5th Place: Hazel Tiger (hazel167) Riding a Boer Pony named Mr Snip Boer Diamond

6th Place: ĂŔCTÚЯŪƧ (arcturuspolaris) Riding a Budyonny named Sashay Away~ZA

7th Place: Hazel Tiger (hazel167) Riding a Holsteiner named Tigers Catching Fire

8th Place: Arial Albatros Riding a Quarter Horse named ~AA~ Lady Sootine

You can visit us HERE.

Our next show will be held on Saturday, April 8th 2017 at 10AM SLT



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