Grand Championship Show – Saturday, October 14, 2017 @ 10am SLT

The following is a link for the Horse and Pony winners over the last year who are invited to come back to the Grand Championship Show.

Horse Winners September 2016 – August 2017

Pony Winners September 2016 – August 2017


You are cordially invited to compete at the Equine Island Vanity Fair Grand Champion Show.



This is a formal event which will be held at our Great Hall, so please wear formal attire.

By placing in the first 8 of any of our first 12 shows, you have qualified to participate in our Grand Champion Show.

How the Grand Champion Show will be conducted:

1. Judging will be performed in the same way as it is with Vanity Fair. 3 different judges will each give every horse or pony a score. Scores will be added together and the highest score wins the category (1-8).

2. First place winners will only compete against other first place winners, reserve best of show winners will only compete against reserve best of show winners, 3rd overall will only compete against 3rd overall winners and so on down to 8th overall where you only compete against entries that won the same place.

3. The winner of the 1st places will be declared the Grand Champion and the winner of the Reserve Best of Show entries will be declared the Best of Reserves, the winner of the third places overall will be declared the Best of 3rd overall and so on down to 8th.

We have created special ribbons and trophies especially for this event. We will be presenting awards down to 8 places and each entrant will receive a special participation award for having achieved a standard of excellence.

The first places in each category will each receive gift cards for the Ladies Pleasure Store, Grand Champion $1500, Reserve Grand Champion $1000, 3-8 overall $750 each for both the horse and pony show.

Cash Prizes will also be awarded, however, the amounts will be announced later as we are still fundraising for this event.


Frank Smagda on behalf of Hoofprint Magazine and Smagda and Daughters.
Buk and Phoenix Caro on behalf of Buckaroo Country & Estate
Situ Caro on behalf of Purrrfection
Wiley and Angel Rainbow Girl of ~WA~ Stables
Honey Heart on behalf of Elite Equestrian and Ladies Pleasure

We will also be awarding breeders cups for consistent excellence in breeding to the person with the most qualified horse entries, the person with the most qualified pony entries and the person with the most overall qualified entries.

The reason we have done it this way is to allow more people to participate and share in the fun. You are welcome to bring friends to view the entries and attend the show. You can visit at any time to view the entries and check out the venue.

The announcements and awards presentation ceremony will be in the Grand Hall at Equine Island. Please read this next part very carefully! If you cannot attend the event you can send a representative with your edit rights to move your horse or pony in the event it wins. However, you or your proxy _must_ be there to represent you at the show and move your horse or pony. You must identify your proxy to show staff in advance, if you cannot find a representative then please ask us and we would be happy to find one on your behalf. If neither you nor your designated proxy attend the show, then you will forfeit your award(s) and the next place will be advanced to your place.

If you have sold your winning horses or ponies, you may try asking the new owners if you can borrow them back for the show or have them come and place them for you.

Horses and ponies must be brought to the Grand Champion show grounds between Saturday 7th October and Tuesday 10th October. All horses or ponies must be in place on their podium by 7pm SLT in order to be judged to receive an award. The horses or ponies must be present on the podiums throughout the judging and the show. Please have your entries facing to the right so the mane is on show and so the judges can clearly see the right hand side of your horse or pony. Just find the place your entry won and then look at the hover text on the podium and place your entry. Please turn off animations and text except for full indicator text.

It is of course completely FREE to enter the Grand Champion Show.

RSVP to Neternal or A1arica