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While the Winter Festival Event held December 3rd has come and gone we would like to encourage you to continue to visit and bring your friends to enjoy the beautiful sim that will remain up through at least December 19th ending with the participation of the Holiday Tour of Lights event.

We would like to thank Cherry Lastchance for her romantic, beautiful sim built for the Winter Festival. Too often the sim design for events like this are taken for granted and the designer is largely unknown.  Cherry deserves full credit for her gorgeous Winter Festival build, accomplished in the astonishingly quick time of only 2 1/2 days.  Thank you so much for your hard work.

Total Contributions of $85,103 L$ were collected for Toys for Tots from the Winter Festival and included:

$41,051 L$ from the Pony Sales from Bid Boards
$16,995 L$ from the Auction
$19,536 L$ from direct donations
$7,521 L$ from Net’s bonus dance

Click HERE to view the auction items sold during the live auction held December 3rd.

Winner of the FREE Raffle

1st Prize: 5,000 L$ CASH !  – Chaz Cristole =>> Donated it back towards Toys 4 Tots Thank you Chaz.
2nd Prize:  Special Limited Edition RealHorse Avatar!  – Chailyn Sirbu
3rd Prize:  ABC Day of the Dead Boxed Starter Horse – Lucky Sheryffe

You have two chances to win in this raffle by visiting the ABC Pony Sale and Live Auction locations you will see confirmation that you have been entered in nearby chat.


Imagine a fairy tale kingdom in Second Life built of ice and snow, filled with warmth, love, and laughter, with beautiful horses, whose sole purpose is to share that love in tangible ways to help provide toys for underprivileged real life children at the winter holidays. Now imagine that like most dreams, it only lasts for a very brief time.

The Winter Festival is just that – a celebration of all things Winter and Horse, a benefit on behalf of Marines Toys For Tots, the charitable organization that provides toys for (real life) underprivileged children at the winter holidays.

100% of all proceeds for this event will benefit Toys For Tots. Let us repeat: 100% of everything we take in via donations, auctions, bid boards, and product sales will go directly to the Toys For Tots accounting avatar.

The Winter Festival features a Winter King & Queen contest (whoever gets the most donations is crowned as the Festival Royalty); romantic horse-drawn sleighs through the gorgeously decorated Winter Kingdom, pony rides; Ice Skating; Live Auction of more than 100 items large and small; dancing, and even beautiful ABC show ponies on bid boards.
The Winter Festival will be held Saturday, December 3rd from 12 noon SLT to 2 pm SLT.

Schedule of events

Opening Ceremony, 12 00 noon

Voting on King & Queen – November 28- 1-3rd, Voting closes 11:45 am

King & Queen Crowned 12:00 pm

Live Auction starts 12:30 pm – 2:00 pm (or till done!)

ABC Pony Sale Starts November 28, Closes December 3 pm 12:15 pm

Sleigh and horse rides 12-2 pm
Ice Skating 12-2 pm
Dance Party, 12:30 – 2:30 pm
Treasure Hunt 12-2:00 pm

King & Queen Contest, Treasure Hunt Start Point, Sleigh Rides
Ice Skating
Live Auction
ABC Pony Sale
Pony Rides


The Winter Festival will be held at Equine Island, and is co-presented by A1arica and Neternal Resident of Equine Island and Cherry Lastchance and EliteEquestrian of *Elite Equestrian*.

If you would like to donate Gacha products or show quality ABC ponies or horses, please contact Neternal or EliteEquestrian with your donations.

All proceeds generated by the Winter Festival will be donated 100% directly and immediately to Marines Toys for Tots in SL.

Winter Festival Royalty Contest

You know you deserve to be king or queen of the day, and here’s your chance to do it!

Come to the Courtyard at the Winter Festival. Rent a board by paying it.

Drag and drop your picture onto the board, then rename the board with your name. Call an event staff from the helper board to come unshare your board, then get all of your friends come to show their Linden love for your candidacy. The contestants with the most lindens by 11:45 am December 3rd will be the King and the Queen of the event and entitled to much fawning by the populace. Or at least a great crown and for the Queen, a gorgeous fur coat.

All donations made on the candidates behalf go directly to Toys For Tots, so you can do good whilst having fun!

Winter Festival ABC Pony Sale

All ponies sold via Bid Boards. Bidding is NOW open till December 3rd, with boards closing noon-1 pm SLT.

There are 17 ponies for sale, including 2 Gotlands (Red and Blue Dala); a 3×100 QL6 Aussie Cart Racer, (He’s a pretty white boy, unbred, ready to train for the track); a pair of match black Dartmoor pet ponies, their harness + & a complementing show buggy; and a round dozen show ponies, including last month’s Vanity Fair Best of Breed Dulmen pony.

All proceeds from this sale go 100% to Marines Toys For Tots.

What are you waiting for? Your next show winner could be here! Put a very special pony under your tree this year.


The Live Auction at the Winter Festival

In order to raise as much money for Toys for Tots and to help as many real life children as we can, we are presenting a life auction to auction off those rare and valuable gacha prizes we all have. This auction will be called in voice and all proceeds will benefit Toys 4 Tots.

All proceeds from the auction will be immediately deposited to a special pay box that sends all payments to the official Toys 4 Tots in SL accounting representative.

Already have a commitment on Saturday that would keep you from coming, but you see something you HAVE to have? No problem, complete a proxy bid form and one of our auction representatives will bid on your behalf, up to your maximum bid. Proxy links are located throughout the live auction display, just click one of the red signs to place a proxy bid.

You can check out all the great stuff at the auction by following this link.

And you can place a proxy bid: Proxy Bid Above or Below.

Christmas Tree Treasure Hunt

HUD-driven – pick up your HUD at the Courtyard, then follow the included helpful hints to locate the ornaments for the tree HUD. When you find an ornament, just click it, and it will appear on your HUD! You are searching for round Christmas balls, church bells, presents, a candy cane and a glowing star for the tree topper. There are 15 ornaments (each with a prize) to locate and collect.

Then when you are all done, find the Grand Prize present and click it. You have to have completed your whole HUD before you can get the Grand Prize!

This hunt is FREE to you, but we hope if you have enjoyed the hunt and liked the gifts, that you will consider tipping any of the Toys For Tots donation kiosks around the sim. Remember that for just 500L, a real life child will be able to open a present on Christmas Day.

Payment Kiosk:


ABC Pony Sale Total = 35,951 L$


Auction Total = 16,995 L$, Additional donations = 7,535 L$, Net’s Pole dance donation = 1,500$ for a Total payment to T4T = 26,030 L$


Net’s Pole Dance Donations – 6,772 L$

snapshot_069Additional Donation at Dance Pavilion = 100 L$


Additional Donations at ABC Pony Sales = 101 L$


Additional Donations = 550 L$


Additional Donations = 1,046L$

Additional Donations = 9,450 L$