Congratulations to – ̗̀ღ ℒaςℯﻻ Ƭiğℯr ღ ̖́- (Lace Fallen) the winner of the October 17, 2017 ABC Horse and Pony Cross Country Show.

So ends another show and you can view the >>> FULL RESULTS HERE <<<  Fault Detector used for scoring purposes.

1st Place:  – ̗̀ღ ℒaςℯﻻ Ƭiğℯr ღ ̖́- (Lace Fallen) riding Songaa Diamond

2nd Place: Honey Heart (H0neyHeart) riding ~LP~ Blue Jeans Scotland

3rd Place: Honey Heart (H0neyHeart) riding ~LP~ Long Time Coming

4th Place: – ̗̀ღ ℒaςℯﻻ Ƭiğℯr ღ ̖́- (Lace Fallen) riding Running Bear Diamond

5th Place: Wiley (wileysworld) riding Ultimate Best


6th Place: Hazel Tiger (hazel167) riding Tigers Pretty Fast

7th Place: Hazel Tiger (hazel167) riding  Tigers Deal with Tabari

8th Place: Arial Canvas (Arial Albatros) riding ~AA~ Anniversary Duchess

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Our next show will be held on TUESDAY, November 14th 2017 at 10AM SLT.  The Course is set and ready to practice on the Green Route.