Elite Equestrian AVI Show

Join us at Equine Island on Saturday, January 21st, 10AM SLT to compete over the Equine Island Winter Cross Country Course.

Rules are simple –

  • Competitors must wear Mane/Tail/Forelock/English Saddle/English Bridle
  • Entrants must be RealHorse avatars OR they must be riding a RealHorse avatar.
  • Course is ridden at the CANTER
  • Complete all the jumps on the course
  • Winner is determined by the lowest score (Faults + Time) on the score board
  • There is no entry fee
  • Whoever has control of the riding system will be declared the ‘winner’ if they place first.
  • Competition starts PROMPTLY at 10 am SLT.
  • Order of go is determined by stall number (1-26).
  • To compete, go to Equine Island and put yourself in one of the stalls surrounding the central ring.
  • If there is a horse in a stall, that stall is not available. When the stalls are full, that’s it.
  • If a horse crashes on the course, they will be allowed one additional attempt at the course, to be taken after all of the others have gone.

Please remove all heavily scripted attachments including RLV relays, genitals, MUSED, etc and try to reduce your avatar render cost.

We strongly urge practice over this course as it is 44 obstacles long with several tricky turns.

Saturday, January 21st

2017 Schedule of Events

  • Saturday, January 21st @10am SLT
  • Saturday, February 18th @ 10am SLT
  • Saturday, March 18th @ 10am SLT
  • Saturday, April 15th @ 10am SLT
  • Saturday, May 20th @ 10am SLT
  • Saturday, June 17th @10am SLT
  • Saturday, July 15th @10am SLT
  • Saturday, August 19th @ 10am SLT
  • Saturday, September 16th @ 10am SLT
  • Saturday, October 21st @ 10am SLT
  • Saturday, November 18th @ 10am SLT
  • Saturday, December 16th @10am SLT