This will be run in conjunction with the Equine Island – Killer Kaiila Show

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If you regularly turn up at Vanity Fair but can never seem to enter your horses because those most popular breed categories are ALWAYS full before you can even get there, then this is just for you!

To accommodate more entries in our most popular breed categories, we have added an entirely new show to help more people be able to show their horses.

Basic Info:

-1- It is an entirely new show.

-2- It will be held on the same Sunday as the Kailla show each month.

-3- Awards for the popular breeds show will be announced right after the awards for the Kaiilas are announced just like we currently do at Vanity Fair where we announce the horse show winners first followed by the pony show winners.

-4- We will have 20 stalls available for each of the Popular Breeds listed below and awards will go down to 8 places.

-5- The categories for the new Popular Breeds Show are:

– Appaloosas
– Arabian Horse
– Budyonny
– Clydesdale
– Drum Horses
– Friesian Horses
– Gypsy Vanners
– Lipizzaners
– Marwari
– Paints
– Thoroughbreds

-6- Categories are subject to change in future shows based on current popularity.

-7- It is still entirely free to enter and participate.


-1- When is this new Popular Breeds show going to be held? Once per month on the same Sunday as the Kaiila show which is the 1st Sunday of every month.

-2- Is it at the same location as the Kaiila show?
Yes it will be held in exactly the same location.

-3- What SLT time is the award ceremony for the Popular Breeds show?
Right after the awards for the Kailla show are announced. The Kaiila show awards begin at 10am SLT, so the Popular Breeds awards should begin approximately 30 to 45 minutes after that.

-4- Let’s say I have two great Drum horses I want to enter. Can I enter one in the Vanity Fair show and one in Popular Breeds? Yes, and you can do this with any horse that has a category in both shows.

-5- How will the new Popular Breeds Show be judged?
Judging will be by the exact same system we use for Vanity Fair, subjective judging by 3 different independent judges each month and the highest aggregate scores determining the best of breed and best of show winners.

-6- How many entries can I have?
You can have 1 entry per breed.

-7- Will popular ponies get their own show?
Not at this time.

Contact Info
Please IM Neternal or A1arica in world if you have further questions or contact us via email at neternal@equineisland.com