Equine Island Features.

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Equine Island offers a full sim Cross Country Course for your enjoyment. The Cross Country Course design is changed regularly with constant new themed jumps to keep our course both fresh and challenging. Come and check it out, we bet that you will absolutely love it.

Equine Island Cross Country Course.


The fully featured Equine Island Dressage Arena which hosts events such as Dressage, Show Jumping (various fence layouts), Barrel Racing, Pole Bending and Novelty Events.

Equine Island Dressage and Events Arena
One of our Show Jumps layouts in the Arena.


Our half sim Race Track with start gates and lap timer also has a Steeplechase fence rezzer that will rez out several different fences from simple training hurdles to large sized fences, just take your pick. Thee are always several unlocked horses behind the start gate if you don’t have a suitable horse to ride this track. Please return horses that you borrow back to where you found them for the enjoyment of others, thank you!

Race Track and Steeple Chase 04_001
Equine Island Race Track and Steeplechase Course.

>>> Equine Island Steeplechase Race <<<

The Equine Island Steeplechase Race Course is an excellent training tool for jumping, it consists of 6 fences which temp rez and are randomly replaced every minute meaning virtually every circuit you ride is different. It randomly chooses 1 of 25 different fences which keeps the course challenging. Many people use this to learn to better time their jumps and you can  also race your friends over several laps and keep track of your faults.

Steeple Chase_001
Equine Island Steeplechase Race Course.