How to enter the Vanity Fair horse show:

Vanity Fair is FREE to enter.

How to enter the Fair:
Bring your ABC horses/ponies and put them in the correct stall for their corresponding breed.
Individuals are limited to 7 total entries per show. You may enter only 1 entry per breed.
Put out the correct food if your horses require it
Turn off the hover text on your horses except for the “Full” text which shows how full your horse is, unless it is a Pet. Pets should show no hover text.
Disable the animations to help reduce lag.
Horses/Ponies MUST be named or they will be disqualified and will not be judged. 
Vanity Fair and Equine Island are not responsible for feeding your horses or ponies nor for sick or dead equines if you fall to feed them.

Once the entry period has closed, you may not remove or add entries. This will result in your entry being disqualified.

You do not need to be present for judging.

If you cannot make the Awards ceremony @ 10 am on the day of the show, you must appoint a ‘Proxy’ who had the ability to move your entries to the podium in the event that you win. Entries who win overall placement who do not have a proxy will be disqualified and will not receive that award.

Horses/ponies may be picked up the Friday before the show. Management sends out an all clear notice. Please wait for that notice which is sent in the group notices as well as group chat. Do not pick up your horse or pony before the all clear or it may not be judged.

All horses/ponies must be cleared by the Monday following a show.

Show day:
Shows are held at 10 am SLT in Equine Island.

On show day, Best of Breed, 2nd & 3rd place winners will be announced by alphabetical order of the breed. You or your Proxy can either rez, ride, edit or lead your winner(s) to the winners lineup and arrange it on the winner’s podium. Once all the best of breed winners have been announced the best of show winners in reverse order (8th-best in show) will be announced. If you cannot be at the show, you MUST have a Proxy who can move your horses/ponies.

Awards are given out later and a full list of results and scores uploaded to the Equine Island Web site.

When the show is over

The most current Vanity Fair Show results can always be found on the winners tab.

Some frequently asked questions:

Q Do I need to ride or to get people to come and ride for me?

A No! If you are a winner, you can get your horse onto the winners spot any way that you choose. You can ride, lead the horse or simply edit the horse there.

Q Do I have to apply or fill out an entry form or ask someone before I can enter?

A No! Just turn up and we will take care of all of that part for you.

Q Will it cost me anything to enter?

A No! Entry is completely free!

Q Can I enter more than 1 horse or pony?

A Yes! We will allow you to enter up to six (6) horses or ponies.

Q Can I enter more than 1 horse or pony per breed?

A Unfortunately, no you can’t, you can only enter one per breed. However you can enter up to a limit of 6 horses or ponies total spread across different breeds.

Q Can I enter Pets?

A Yes, no problem we allow pets to be entered.

Q Can I enter breeding age horses and ponies?

A Yes, you can enter breeding age horses of any age.

Q Can I enter babies that are still with their mother?

A Yes, you can enter babies that are still with their mother or mothers that still have a baby, however if your horse or pony reaches 3 days old it would help us if you could remove the one that is not entered. Please put the one that is entered at the front to make it easier for us.

Q Can I enter pregnant horses?

A Yes, no problem and the baby can remain with mother.

Q Are there types of horse that I can’t enter?

A Yes, there are a few exceptions: you cannot enter starter horses, cloud ranch horses or any other boxed horses, they must have been bred, as in they have parents. There are exceptions to this rule as in sometimes a pair of starter horses like the Spring horses will produce a Morgan with a special coat, these all have exactly the same traits, the same with the special Hackney horse from the Day of the Dead starter horses, the special Rainbow coat from the Mehndi Drum horses, also the Scarecrow Shetland Pony. As they have exactly the same traits then there is no way to be able to judge them based on vanities and differentiate between one and another.

Q Can I enter horses with special coats?

A Yes, no problem just as long as they are not cloud ranch, starter horses, boxed horses or special horses that are all the same such as the special Morgan horse bred from the Spring starter horses, see above. Basically to enter horses or ponies with special coats, the coat must be able to pass and be a coat that was passed.

Q Can I enter a Mule?

A No. There are no mule classes at this time.

Q Can I enter a previous Best of Show winner in the first through eighth place?

A Unfortunately, No. However, you will be able to enter previous winners into a special grand champion show held annually.

Q Can I enter a previous Best of Breed winner?

A Yes. However there are some exceptions. If your Best of Breed winner was in one of the first eight places [see above] then it would not be eligible. If your entry finished outside of the first eight places then you may enter that horse or pony again, after a waiting period of 2 additional shows has passed. So if you win BOB in month 1, you must wait out month 2 & 3 before entering again in month 4.

Q Can I have back to back entries?

A Yes! There is no restriction on back to back entries.

Q Can I have horses set for sale in the show stalls?

A No! The reasons are simple. Firstly we are not a sales sim, secondly people get upset if they cannot get a stall in a popular breed only to see one open up after entries close because an entry was set for sale and then bought, thirdly it makes it more difficult for us to track entries if they suddenly vanish from the stalls or change ownership. So please check that your horses are not set for sale or still set for sale if moving them from a sales pen to our show.

Q Do I need to be here for the judging?

A No! We do the judging before the show to save having overly long shows and keeping people from doing other things. We understand that your time is valuable and this is why we opted to try and keep our shows as brief as possible.

Q Do I need to be here for the show / awards presentation?

A No! However, Please read this rule very carefully! If you cannot attend the event you can send a representative with your edit rights to move your horse or pony in the event it wins. However, you or your proxy must be there to represent you at the show and move your horse or pony. You must identify your proxy to show staff in advance. If neither you nor your designated proxy attend the show, then you will forfeit your award(s) if you place in the first 8 (best of show) and the next place will be advanced to your place. If your horse wins a best of breed but does not place in the first 8 (best of show), this rule will not apply. The reason we are implementing this rule is in order not to have empty spaces on the winners podiums.

Q Do you use just 1 judge?

A No! We use a panel of 3 independent judges to help offset any potential breed, color, trait or exhibitor bias! We use a different mixture of judges each show to try and keep the judging process as fair as is humanly possible. Each judge looks at each horse, just to be clear here, each judge looks at every horse, therefore each horse will receive a total of 3 scores which is 1 score from each judge. These 3 scores for each horse are then added together and the highest aggregate scores win. Simple enough? We give our judges minimal instructions to avoid potential influence of the outcome. Our judging guidelines can be found HERE.

Q Can judges see each others scores?

A No! We want our judges to enter their own scores and not second guess themselves, be influenced by another judges score or to use another judges score as a basis for confirmation bias. However, after the judging process is complete the scoring is then made public in our effort to be completely transparent with all participants.

Q Do I need to attend any lessons before entering your show?

A No! Entering our show could not be easier! We have designed our show in such a way that it is easy, don’t worry we do all the hard work so you don’t have to!

Q When can I pick up my horses?

A You should pick them up the Friday before the show. Here is a tip, it is a good idea to create a notecard with the name and breed of each so you can easily find them if your horse is called out as a best of breed winner

Q Can I tell my friends about it?

A Yes! Absolutely! Please do! Tell all of your friends about it and feel free to invite them to our group or give them our landmark, notecard or web site link!

Q Can I be a sponsor of your show or donate to help out?

A Yes absolutely! Sponsorship money goes directly towards prizes and other incidental costs and it really does help us. Sponsors get an adboard with a notecard giver which you can attach all your landmarks, info and textures to plus your notecard and landmark go out to everyone on our notecards and you get listed on our web site with SLUrls. This gives you maximum exposure for your SL business.

Q Can I just donate and remain anonymous?

A Yes absolutely, many people donate in this way and your privacy is always respected.

Q Is there any other information that I may need to know?

A Yes! If you have breeding age horses or ponies you will need to remember to provide food for them. We also ask that you disable the animations on your horses and ponies as this helps reduce lag issues and helps make a better experience for everyone.

Q Are there any other ways we can help?

A Yes! Please try to avoid having too many scripts running in jewelry, watches, hair, huds and other highly scripted items to help keep lag down. Sitting in the provided bleachers also helps and we really do appreciate your help with this as it makes the experience better for all of us.

Q Is there any way that I can support you even though I don’t have any money?

A Yes! You can help us by donating horses or ponies that have reached the end of their breeding cycles and become pets, we use pets for other people to ride, to give to beginners who wish to learn to ride or to resell and generate funds to cover our events. You can also help by donating saleable breeding age horses that we can sell via our bid boards.