Judging Application Form.

If you are interested in judging at the Equine Island Horse Show, please fill out and submit the simple application form found here: Bukaroo County Employment

At Equine Island Horse Show we always use 3rd party judges to main both integrity and full transparency of scoring.

Instructions for Vanity Fair Judges

Thank you for agreeing to judge the Great Valley Vanity Fair for ABC Horses & Ponies. The following guidelines will help you through the judging process. Please read them through before starting to judge the Vanity Fair entrants.

Guidelines: for Vanity Fair Judges (horses and ponies)

OBJECT: The Final 8 in “Best of Show” will be the 8 horses/ponies with the OVERALL HIGHEST SCORES. Horses and ponies to be awarded separately. Each breed will also be awarded “Best of Breed.”

1. All horses start with 100 points. Deductions should then be made based on things that do not appeal to you the judge (Commonality or mix-matched are things some judges use). As you judge you should keep these traits consistent throughout your judging process. When judges scores are not consitent we then investigate these scores for possible tampering and favoritism which could lead to removal from juding and possible banning from the Great Valley events. In general scores should be relatively the same spread, unless a horse is a stand out for better or worse. A horse should rarely be 100% as this would be a sign of pure excellence or fall below 50% which would be heavy deductions.

2. Judges use their breeding experience and knowledge and personal preference to award 50-100 points for each horse in a breed based on deductions.

– Please consider things like rarity of traits. Traits include Breed, Coat, Eye, Face Marking, Mane, Tail and Leg Markings.
– Always consider ‘how well the horse is tied together’ because rarity of traits does not always a pretty horse or pony make
– The more points you award a horse, the higher it is placed in the class
– In the end it comes down to ‘what you, as a Judge, like.’

5. DO NOT give a tie score to horses in the same breed.

6. In the event you cannot reasonably separate horses for scoring using guidelines, this is where the overall aesthetic should play in and your personal judgement should be placed.

a) Scores must be to two decimal points, ie. scores of:

1) 78.57
2) 82.25
3) 82.30
4) 82.57
5) 80.12
6) 78.15

7. When you have scored all of the horses in a breed, enter them in the spread sheet under the second tab below labeled “SCORES” you might have to scroll down to see it or minimize your windows dependant on your PC setttings.

8. After judging is complete please notify the show staff.

Horses and ponies with no names listed will be disqualifed. You may score them as “0”

Once you are done with your scoresheet. Simply close out of the google doc (it will save automatically)

If you have any questions about the scoresheet or if something is not correct or a horse/pony is on a stall that says empty. DO NOT make any corrections. Please contact Phoenix Caro (Reighic)

Thank you for your time and assistance in judging the Equine Island Vanity Fair for ABC horses.