Instructions for Vanity Fair Judges

The following guidelines will help you through the judging process. Please read them through before starting to judge the Vanity Fair entrants.

Guidelines: for Vanity Fair Judges (horses and ponies)

OBJECT: The Final 8 in “Best of Show” will be the 8 horses/ponies with the OVERALL HIGHEST SCORES. Horses and ponies to be awarded separately. Each breed will also be awarded “Best of Breed.”

1. Score each horse from 50-100 based on your personal impression of the horse. “Does the overall look of this horse appeal to me?”

2. A horse should rarely be given a 100 score. 100 score means it is YOUR idea of a “perfect” horse. A horse should not receive a score of less than 50. This should be totally on a per horse basis rather than on a horse per breed basis.

3. Be consistent in your scoring. There are a lot of horses to consider. Take your time to be fair to each horse. Most judges establish a method for scoring as they go through the process. After you have completed all scoring, review your scores if you feel that you need to. This will help ensure that you have remained consistent throughout the judging process.

4. DO NOT score based on the other horses in the breed. Score based on what appeals to YOU!

5. DO NOT give a tie score to horses in the same breed.

6. In the event you cannot reasonably separate horses for scoring using guideline #1 you:

a) can separate similar scores with decimal points, ie. scores of:

1) 78.5
2) 82
3) 82.3
4) 82.5
5) 80
6) 78

b) can consider how the horse is “put together”

7. When you have scored all of the horses in a breed, enter them in the spread sheet (or give a notecard to the Show Clerk) for entry into the show results sheet.

8. After judging is complete please notify the show staff.

Thank you for your time and assistance in judging the Equine Island Vanity Fair for ABC horses.