Killer Kaiila Exclusive Breed Show

Next Show: Sunday September 3rd 10AM SLT
Entries From: Monday August 28th @ 10:00 AM SLTThursday August 31st 5:00PM SLT

Running in conjunction with the NEW POPULAR BREEDS SHOW.

Due to popular demand we have decided to run an Exclusive Breed Show due to the immense popularity of the Plains Kaiila which now is the most popular horse on the grid and there are nearly twice as many of them as the Thoroughbred, in fact at time of writing this the percentages are thus, Plains Kaiila 11.4% and the Thoroughbred 6.8%. Our Vanity Fair Show takes in up to 10 entries for each breed, as you can imagine those 10 places fill rapidly for the Plains Kaiila, approximately 30 minutes or less to fill up completely. In an effort to be able to allow more people to exhibit their Plains Kaiilas we are putting on this show. Hopefully the many Plains Kaiila breeders out there will enter and support this show.

Initially, we will allow you to enter 1 horse of each coat, that would be up to 8 entries. As always, this will be FREE To Enter and there will be prize money, ribbons and awards. Our show will also be held in a different location on our Equine Island sim as it will be Gor themed.

Here is your wagon ride:

More info will appear on this page shortly.

Info: This show will be slightly different to Vanity Fair in that the categories will be by coat. Other than that the guidelines will be the same just to make it simple for everyone to understand and for the sake of continuity. Below are the 8 coat categories.