Dharma’s Posh Ponies


This plan has been underway for several months & finally it is here: Dharma’s Posh Ponies: Elite Show Pony Showroom! Tired of shopping stockyards and then spending hours looking at a pony’s details? Well now, your pony needs can all be found in ONE place! The Posh Pony Showroom sells ONLY carefully, well thought out, cleanly bred ponies! Rare Eyes! Perfect Traits! Show Ponies! As anyone who breeds ponies knows, ponies are a bit more challenging to breed than horses! Few breeder line breed and the bad traits can sometimes take months to breed out of a particular breed you are working on! My pony line began a year ago and the foundation of my line came ONLY from Established, Well Known, Show Winning Pony Breeders! I do not allow a pony into my line unless I fully investigate the background and look for any undesirable traits. Due to the size of my herd & months and months of work, I am ready to offer those ponies to you! Come enter the Free Raffle for a pair of ABC SL-14 Starter Ponies! Come get your free Christmas Gift from our Magic Christmas Tree! Come shop and see some of the prettiest ponies on the grid. I want to thank several people for helping me bring this idea to fruition: dravenrose for creating my AMAZING Posh Pony Logo! If you want a beautiful logo that captures your business perfectly, 3rd Eye Perceptions by dravenrose is the place to go! Missy222, my beautiful Sister-In-Law for helping me create this idea and for teaching me how to breed amazing ponies. She is and always will be my ABC Horse Guru! Dark Moon, my real life, goofy, handsome & amazing brother, who tolerates my temper tantrums & is always willing to help. I love you Bro! SirensKiss aka Siren, for being my pony finder! She is always out on the look out for well bred ponies to add to my line. Equine Island, for allowing me to show my hard work! Your shows are amazing! I will always be a supporter! And all of the wonderful fellow pony lovers who have encouraged me to open this Showroom! There are some amazing breeders that I am fortunate to call my friends. Thank you all! So now…… Hop in the limo below and come visit Dharma’s Posh Ponies! Make sure you go near the Magic Christmas Tree! I hope that you are delighted & surprised by what happens!


Dharma’s Posh Ponies:Elite Pony Showroom